March 22, 2009

Parking Lots in Mexico

For those of you unaccustomed to a foreign country, this may come as a surprise, but to those familiar with them, please let me know if this strikes a chord. As I pull into the Soriana parking lot, I am greeted by a man in a bright orange vest of approximately 75-95 years of age (the man, not the vest). He is there for no other purpose than to give a large toothless smile, provide a pretense of vehicular protection (remember his age), and to greet you for a second time on the way out in hopes for a propina (tip, or in this case, handout, considering a tip is generally rendered for services performed, whereas this man's services, real and imaginary, are neither performed nor appreciated).

Now, a parking lot by any other name, is still a parking lot, until you travel overseas. Then you find out that a parking lot is also a restaurant, a bank, a strip mall, and more recently in Mexico, where the shootings and random acts of violence are on the rise, a heavily patrolled war-zone. Not only are guard towers a regular sight, but S.W.A.T. teams, armed soldiers, and patrol cars are considered common fare and a comfort to the Sunday afternoon shopper.

March 15, 2009

I fixed it...

If you were disappointed by the dead-link at the end of the list on my last post, you need not worry, it has been corrected. The link, "list of crushes - a must read from 2005" has been fixed.

In other Taylor news, we are on an extended weekend. Our school recognizes "Dia de Benito Juarez" which is one clear advantage to working in a Mexican school. We've had fun outside of the house as well as in it. Our dog has provided all sorts of entertainment as he begins to express himself a little more colorfully.

We enjoyed the company of a few missionary men last night by hosting a poker night. It was very entertaining to watch the group gambling and bluffing and having a good time. One of them walked away with 60 pesos to treat his wife for dinner. (insert personal rant - People question my gambling with skepticism, but I respond with this: you will spend 20 dollars on a good dinner out, or 8 dollars on a movie at the theaters... yet you question me for spending 1 to 5 dollars on an entire evening of entertainment and fun? I walk into it with the mindset that I will spend some money, and winning/losing is imaterial for I will have had fun.)

We have one more day of vacay, and we intend to make the most of it. I close this post with a picture of my favorite beverage, the closest to ethereal we will likely experience this side of eternity. (note: prepared my favorite way as well)

March 11, 2009

Happy 37th!

When I left my previous blog to start this current page, I had nearly 180 entries over 4 years of blogging. Now I have 37 in 7 months (I think). Apparently I have increased my rate of blogging by approximately 33/year. As a math teacher, I find numbers and such highly intriguing. (do you?) I'm about to do something very unwise. If any of you want to peruse my old blog, an archive of immature and petty ramblings, you may click on this link. If you want to save time and simply read some of the highlights, I've placed in chronological order (newest to oldest) some of the best posts. (by "best" I simply mean either entertaining, laughable, and occasionally deep)

about Adam
G-rated Bible story
I've done drugs - the post before this one gives background if you care.
a funny list - awkward, but funny.
a job I've had
my immaturity - sorry for the language
list of my crushes - a MUST read from 2005

I think that's enough embarrassment for one night. Again, do not judge me, this was a younger, less grounded me.