April 15, 2013

2013 - Out of Control

Have you ever had too much "awesomeness" scheduled for one year?  This might be that year.  2013 will be the year we take two trips to India, run our first marathons, finalize Isaac's adoption, launch a non-profit in Detroit, and transition Liz to a new job. (I'm sure I've forgotten something, maybe move to Detroit, but that list seems sufficient.)

When you prepare for busy seasons, it is easy to make exceptions in areas you wouldn't normally (family time, healthy habits, meditation & Bible reading, etc). However, it is during the stressful and chaotic moments in life that you most need these practices.  To let them slide during the season when they are necessary is to initiate an unhealthy spiral.

For this reason, 2013 will also be the year I read the Bible cover to cover, spend every morning with my son, exercise daily (not only running in preparation for the marathon), and read literature that uplifts, inspires, and educates.  This will be the year I watch less television, give more money, and spend more time with the relationships that matter most. Will you join me in this?  You don't have to copy my list, but let's make this year awesome.

It is already April, if you hadn't noticed, so most of this list is already underway. I finished the Bible already, I'm up to 4.5 miles in marathon training, I've picked out my book-list for the year, and the morning routine with Isaac is awesome! What will you do this year?

March 16, 2013

Let the Madness begin!!

Why yes, I am adorable!

As all of you know, Isaac joined our family last October, and he has been a source of joy and laughter for Liz and I ever since.  If you want to see more pictures of him, click on this link: LE Photography. His adoption story is one of unexpected speed and surprise, so we have been reeling in the aftershock for a while.  We had great plans for fundraisers and preparations so that when the time came, we would be ready to pay for it - but God had a different plan.

At this point, out of the $22,000 needed to fully pay for the adoption, we have been able to pay $9,000. God is great, and we are excited to see how He closes that gap.  Below is a way for you to play along!

As promised before we left for India, here are the details for our adoption fundraiser through YahooSports.  Please take a few minutes to read through the details, then let the March Madness begin!

The brackets tournament field is announced March 17th...  
Which means it's game time!
Let the MADNESS begin.
Here are simple and easy instructions on how to participate:

1.  Join our Tournament on Yahoo Sports by following this link:  
   Click "Sign In" (If you don't have a Yahoo! account you can sign in using your Facebook or Google account)
   Create a new bracket
   Title your bracket
   Once your first bracket is saved there will be an option for you to create more brackets
2.  Donate to our Adoption via PayPal
   Go to www.paypal.com
   Click "Send Money"
   Enter the donation amount 
   Send donations to jaytaylor84@gmail.com
   (You will have to create a PayPal account if you don't already have one)
     Suggested donations are:
   $10 for 1 bracket
   $20 for 2 brackets
   $25 for 3 brackets
   $30 for 4 brackets
   $35 for 5 brackets
3.  Have Fun and Best of Luck
     We will send tournament email updates through Yahoo! Sports and post updates on this blog.

All Brackets are due by Thursday, March 21st at 11:00am (EST)


1st place will win 20% of the money raised (or up to $300).
2nd place will win 10% of the money raised (or up to $100).

The rest of the money from the tournament will go toward Isaac's adoption, which is finalized in April. Also, we would really appreciate it if you copied and pasted the information posted above to tell your friends, family and co-workers about the tournament.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us at jaytaylor84@gmail.com.  I hope you have fun doing this, and thanks again for being a part of this exciting journey with us.  

March 11, 2013

Reminder - Only one more week!

Just one week.

Don't forget.

Just one week from today...
All your bracket dreams can be fulfilled!

If you haven't started watching college basketball yet, you only have one week left. The Adoption March Madness Tournament starts Sunday, March 17th. Participation will be by donation only, so technically you can participate without paying.  Suggested donations are:

$10 for 1 bracket
$20 for 2 brackets
$25 for 3 brackets

We won't stop you at three...you can fill out as many brackets as you'd like!  All donations will go toward Isaac's adoption payment that is due in April.

Now to the good stuff.  We're sure you're wondering if there is a prize for the winner.  There is indeed.  

1st place will win 20% of the money raised up to $300.
2nd place will win 10% of the money raised up to $100

The brackets come out on Sunday, March 17th so until then we cannot give you details on how to join our tournament.  Participation details will be posted here as soon as the brackets are out.  It will be simple, we promise!

February 27, 2013

Stay Tuned.

"GUYS!!! Guess what!?! 
You could make your March-Madness 
brackets count for something awesome! 
Stay tuned for a chance to win up to $300 
a chance to help my adoption be funded!"

Tune in on March 12th for official brackets and final details.