April 15, 2013

2013 - Out of Control

Have you ever had too much "awesomeness" scheduled for one year?  This might be that year.  2013 will be the year we take two trips to India, run our first marathons, finalize Isaac's adoption, launch a non-profit in Detroit, and transition Liz to a new job. (I'm sure I've forgotten something, maybe move to Detroit, but that list seems sufficient.)

When you prepare for busy seasons, it is easy to make exceptions in areas you wouldn't normally (family time, healthy habits, meditation & Bible reading, etc). However, it is during the stressful and chaotic moments in life that you most need these practices.  To let them slide during the season when they are necessary is to initiate an unhealthy spiral.

For this reason, 2013 will also be the year I read the Bible cover to cover, spend every morning with my son, exercise daily (not only running in preparation for the marathon), and read literature that uplifts, inspires, and educates.  This will be the year I watch less television, give more money, and spend more time with the relationships that matter most. Will you join me in this?  You don't have to copy my list, but let's make this year awesome.

It is already April, if you hadn't noticed, so most of this list is already underway. I finished the Bible already, I'm up to 4.5 miles in marathon training, I've picked out my book-list for the year, and the morning routine with Isaac is awesome! What will you do this year?