January 21, 2011


Either an acronym associated with the Great Lakes, or the places we all long for.  In the case of Liz and I: the unattainable.  We've tried to buy a home for more months than I care to think about, but we are continually bumped back to square one.  It reminds me of that game, "Chutes & Ladders".  Did you play it as a kid?  It doesn't matter who is winning or who thinks they're only moments away from victory, there is always a slide that takes you from the top - all the way to bottom.  We've been within 3 hours of closing when the floor dropped out.  We've also been within hours of offering on homes, when alternate offers have been submitted and accepted... this game sucks!

At any rate, we have looked at EVERY imaginable style of home, and we've put offers on several.  Of course, I came into the process with dreams of owning a beautiful English Tudor, or maybe a Greek Revival... but all of those dreams are crumbling, as I realize those homes are rare, and not for sale.

No, no... we are now putting offers on ranches, colonials, and split-levels that would make even the most unoriginal subdivision proud.  At this point, the homes we are likely to purchase make me wonder if it's worth it.