February 28, 2009

My, how the time flies...

February is almost over. That means we are already done with two months of 2009. CRAZY!

This is only my third post of the month, but I have excuses. . . sort of. For ten days in the middle of this month, Liz and I were in Florida. When things did not work out to have Liz's parents visit us over the school break, they decided to fly us to where they were. (Cocoa Beach & Orlando) It was a blast. BUT, there isn't a computer in the condo, and no internet, thus, no updates. Here are a few pictures though:

This is the condo:
And this was Disney World:
In other news, Pachango is getting bigger. He used to fit into one floor tile, but he fills three of them now. I don't know what he weighs though, because I haven't taken him to the vet since his first week with us. He only weighed 4 pounds then. His next visit is due this Monday.

Finally, I have been stuck at home with a fever and infection in my lungs. I went home from work after lunch on Thursday because of a fever, a severe cough, and extremely low energy. I stayed home on Friday which turned out to be the worst day, and now I'm on some strong antibiotics, an expectorant, and a lot of ibuprofen, so I feel much better. Hopefully by Monday I can go back to work.

Well, before I make this blog so long it gets posted on March 1st, I'll say farewell. Until next month.

February 2, 2009


Well, I realize that we asked for input less than a day ago, and that we haven't waited long enough for a response, but the opportunity arose, and we have found our puppy! His name is Chango, and he's a mutt from the street. (Actually, he's a cross between a Shelty-Collie and a mutt from the street.) At any rate, he's our newest member of the family, and we love him!

His temperament is unique. As you can see from the video, he's super playful while he's awake and alert, but as soon as he's sleepy he runs for dark places. (preferably Liz's or my lap with his head nuzzled under our arms) He seems to be good with other people, and likes to explore the house when he isn't sleeping.

If any of you have wisdom to impart regarding parenting or dog-training, we'd appreciate it. We are new parents, and this responsibility has sobered us.

February 1, 2009


If you haven't heard already, Liz and I are STILL praying and trying to figure out where our next move will be. We want to settle somewhere for a while, and we don't want to move for a long time. We will have lived in five homes with less than two years of marriage when this move takes place. We're ready for some stability, constancy, and familiarity. (Who knows, maybe that is not in the cards for us, but we're allowed to dream, right?)

At any rate, I call this post, "Distraction" because that is what is going on right now. Liz and I are overwhelmed by the grandeur of deciding where the next several years will be spent, and so we are masking it by deciding countless other little things. The decision of the week has been, should we get a puppy? We've narrowed down our choices to a rather selective list. Allow me to share it with you:

1) Not a big dog. (Liz's request)
2) Not a small dog. (Jay's request)
**This only leaves "medium"
3) Not a dog that sheds a lot. (Liz's request)
4) No affiliation with a poodle. (Jay's request)
**Again, this narrows the selection quite a bit.
5) It doesn't have to be pure-bread
6) It can't be expensive
**These last two go well together.
7) Preferably one that doesn't bark a lot, is good with kids, and intelligent

Now it's your turn. Do you know of a dog that falls into these categories? Please let us know what we should be looking for. Also, please vote on my newest poll.