August 18, 2009

cultural relevance

I don't know when it happened, but apparently I have become culturally irrelevant. I know that I grew up in Mexico, and there will always be portions of pop-culture that I will never understand. I also realize that certain allowances have to be made because of my aversion to watching the television on a regular basis, but here is a list I found in my local newspaper. This list is about the incoming college freshmen, who were born in 1991, and who are considered adults now.

1) Mike Tyson has always been a felon.
2) The "green giant" conjures images of "Shrek".
3) They have never had to use a card catalog to find a book.
4) Salsa has always outsold ketchup.
5) The KGB has never officially existed.
6) They have never been "saved by the bell".
7) There have always been flat-screen TV's.
8) There has always been blue Jell-O