July 18, 2009

An update of sorts:

I seem to have left a lot unsaid these last few weeks. I look at the dates betwix entries, and I cannot avoid the fact that it's been over a month. In all honesty, I've had the time, but I haven't had the tools. I don't have my camera when I have the internet connection. When I have the camera, I lack the internets. When both are available, I lack the time or will-power. (Try hard to understand, all previously mentioned items must be coordinated in order to post.)

What has happened? Well, we were in Nebrasksa for a while.

We atteneded a very good friend's wedding, danced, and saw many friends from far and wide. I was asked to be the Master of Ceremonies, so I got to be a little involved and dress up a little fancy. Not to mention, it was in a beautiful park.

After Nebraska, we went to Michigan, where we are currently. We have been traveling back and forth between the NORTH and SOUTH sides of the state. Up north is a cabin, in the middle is a camp (Spring Hill), and down south are Liz's parents. We've been able to soak up a lot of fun family time, and I've been able to go golfing on several events.

The future holds a few more exciting adventures. Tomorrow we go to Michigan's largest outlet center! And then on Friday I leave for Nebraska. Liz will follow a week later after her great aunt's wedding. To finish this post, I submit one of my favorite pictures of our pup: