April 27, 2009

This is a big one!

I haven't spoken a word on this blog in over a month, but like I said last time, it is due to being super busy with work and such. Binimea has me working overtime, and what with the end of the school year fast approaching, I've been swamped. At any rate, here is a quick news flash that hopefully gets all of your attention:

Due to the recent and sudden outbreak of the Swine-Flu, (it's real, look it up) Mexico has made an official ruling to close ALL schools in the entire country for 10 days. For that reason, Liz and I are stuck at home for a week and a half as this possible pandemic works itself out. If you want to call us and check on our health and state of mind, we would love that.

In other news, we took a trip to Phoenix, Anaheim, & San Diego a few weeks ago. (Binimea gives a week off ever six weeks, and we took advantage of how close we were.)

We visited the San Diego Zoo.

And we took a family photo! :) I've been mocked somewhat for the choice of wardrobe in this picture, but rest assured, Clinton Kelly from the hit TV series, What Not to Wear is wearing this exact outfit. (he's the one saying what is OK to wear)